“The midwives’postpartum care is second to none. One of the most challenging and confusing times for new parents…first time or not…was made exponentially easier thanks to the support and incredible care and knowledge of our midwives”

Incredible support and care postpartum

My midwives were great on giving me information on VBAC. I was able to meeting with the physician who did my c-section to discuss VBAC options.  All were for in and I had a successful VBAC thanks to the advice from my midwives.

VBAC choices were respected

My midwives gave me lots of information so I could make an informed, evidence based decision about my care.

Informed choices

“They were always there for all questions and concerns, all ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. Provided all options and supported our decisions.”

“Thank you so much for overall EXECELENT care. Would definitely choose midwifery care again and recommend it to friends.”

The midwife visits were as meaningful to me as any other part of my pregnancy journey. Just a super positive experience.

a super positive experience.

I always felt my opinion mattered in all of our discussions; they are like having amazing professional friends!

It’s all about choices, I loved my midwives!

I really enjoyed having the support of a mdiwife (well, 2 midwvies!) I wish it could last longer than 6 weeks post partum.

wish for longer care

“I felt comfortable making the choices we made and felt that we were not judged for our choices. Our midwives provided us with support every step of the way.”

Informed Choice

“My husband and I developed an excellent relationship with our midwife and felt very comfortable and confident asking questions.”


Thank you to everyone who came out to visit with us at the picnic.

Looking forward to 2024 already !

Our Midwives

  • Buffy Fulton-Breathat

    Buffy is a partner and senior midwife with Sudbury Community Midwives. She came to midwifery through a nursing background, and worked on the James Bay Coast after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

  • Debbie Younger

    Debbie has been a practice partner and full time midwife with the Sudbury Community Midwives since June 1998. She has a strong commitment to educate women through pregnancy and birthing experiences.

  • Meredith Crowder

    Meredith is a practice partner and senior midwife with the Sudbury Community Midwives. Meredith graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University in 1999.

  • Lynne Sullivan

    Lynne is committed to the growth of midwifery in Ontario and regularly acts as a preceptor for students at the Midwifery Education Program.

  • Shelley-Ann Clarke-Dolby

    I graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University in 2005. All my training took place in Sudbury, Manitoulin Island and Sault Ste. Marie.

  • Sara Vildis

    I moved back to Sudbury in 2012 and have enjoyed working with Sudbury Community Midwives and being back in my hometown. My passions in midwifery are water birth and breastfeeding.

  • Trina Desjardins

    I have a strong passion for women’s health and am continuously inspired by the strength, courage and power of my clients. I feel very lucky to be able to work within this profession and do what I love.

  • Naomi Wolfe

    Naomi Wolfe is a Registered Aboriginal Midwife.  Her interest in Midwifery began with her own struggles as a new mother.  She quickly became passionate bout supporting mothers and families and providing culturally relevant care.  Naomi has been providing midwifery care in Sudbury since 2010.  In addition to the care provided to clients at Sudbury Community […]

  • Dana Cuddy

    Dana has been practicing Midwifery since graduating from Laurentian in 2012. She began her career in Oakville Ontario, where she worked within a large Midwifery practice for 2 years. As Sudbury is her hometown, she was eager to move back and continue providing midwifery care. It has been a pleasure of hers; getting to know […]

  • Support Staff – Jenn

    Working in the background at Sudbury Community Midwives, you may encounter our intrepid practice manager Jennifer.

  • Keatha Walsh

    Keatha grew up in Sudbury, Ontario and is dedicated to supporting birthing people through the unique and transformative experience of pregnancy and birth. She entered the Midwifery Education Programme at Laurentian University in 2014 and throughout her training attended placements in Oshawa, Barrie, Sudbury and Bracebridge. Keatha has spent the last 3 years working with the Midwives […]

  • Jillian Ashick-Stinson

    Jillian (she/her) graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University in 2021 with hope to stay in her home community of Sudbury, and that wish came true! Her training included midwifery placements in Bellville and Parry Sound, as well as working with NICU and Labour and Delivery nurses, obstetricians and a pelvic physiotherapist in […]

  • Carly Germain

    I took the scenic route to Midwifery, although I always knew I would be a healthcare provider in one form or another. Before becoming a midwife, I studied Biology at Trent University. After graduating, my priority became finding a career where I would be able to build relationships and invest myself into the care of […]

  • Courtney Mullally

    Courtney (she/her) is a graduate from the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University. Throughout her education she had the opportunity to train in Sudbury, Elliot Lake, and Markham. It is a true joy for her to now be back supporting birthing people in her home community.  It is the exceptional care that she received from Sudbury […]

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