Care Overview

Benefits of Care

10 Great Reasons to Have a Midwife

  1. Appointments long enough to answer your questions, talk through yourconcerns, get to know you, and offer you detailed information on prenatal testing, birth options, and post birth care.
  2. Continuity: Midwives known to you caring for you and your baby during your pregnancy, birth, and the 6 weeks after delivery.
  3. Comprehensive information about all pain relief options, with support for your decisions.
  4. Urgent and emergency availability of your midwives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Choice of in-hospital or homebirth, including water birth.
  6. Encouragement and respect so that you can give birth safely, and with dignity.
  7. Access to on-site group prenatal classes.
  8. Quick referral to specialist care if needed.
  9. Post delivery visits in your home to assess your baby’s growth and development, closely monitor normal conditions like newborn jaundice, and support breastfeeding.
  10. All services are fully funded by OHIP.

A Team Approach

At Sudbury Community Midwifery Practice, we work in teams to provide your care.

How it works
During your pregnancy, you will get to know a small team of midwives. One of these midwives is your assigned “coordinator” midwife and the others are your “back-up” midwives. Working as a team ensures that you will have a midwife you know at your birth. We are all committed to practicing in a very similar way so that you can develop a relationship of trust with all of us.

Your Responsibility As a Client

Midwifery care is based on promoting health and dealing preventatively to avoid or minimize health problems. We provide our clients with information so they can be actively involved in their health care, and we expect a high degree of responsibility from our clients.

We are committed to providing clients with information and support to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors such as alcohol use, smoking, and poor nutrition.

As an active participant in their own health care, it is expected that clients will endeavour to eat well, exercise regularly, and avoid exposure to harmful substances such as cigarette smoke, recreational drugs and alcohol. Regular prenatal care is a key component in reducing risk during pregnancy, so we also expect attendance at prenatal visits on the recommended schedule.