Care Overview

Benefits of Care

Great Reasons to Have a Midwife

  1. Encouragement, respect and a trusting relationship so that you can give birth safely and with dignity
  2. We start seeing you in the first trimester, providing all your care for pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks after
  3. Appointments are 30 minutes, allowing time to answer your questions. discuss important topics, test results, birth options and post birth care.
  4. Access to your midwives through a 24/7 paging system for urgent concerns, This will reduce unnecessary visits to the Emergency room and labor and delivery.
  5. Choice of a hospital, or out of hospital birth, water birth is also an option for out of hospital births.
  6. Access to all pain relief options the hospital has to offer (including epidural, laughing gas, shower/tub)
  7. Your midwives will see you at home for the first week after your baby is born, completing all assessments and assisting with breastfeeding if needed.
  8. Access to on-site group labor and birth, newborn care and breastfeeding classes.
  9. Quick referral to specialist care if needed.
  10. All services are fully funded by the ministry of health, whether you have OHIP or not.

A Team Approach

At Sudbury Community Midwifery Practice, we work in teams to provide your care.

During your pregnancy, you will meet 2-3 midwives, getting to know them equally. One of your midwives are always on-call and will return your pages phone calls and complete all assessments you need throughout your pregnancy, Working as a team ensures that you will know the midwives at your appointments, labor/birth and during the postpartum period! We are committed to practicing in a very similar way so that you can develop a relationship of trust with your team.

Your Responsibility As a Client

Your midwives will provide you with information so that you can be involved in your care. Ultimately our goal is to help you make the best decisions for you during your pregnancy.

We are committed to providing clients with resources and support to reduce or eliminate drugs, alcohol or smoking.

As an active participant in your own health care, we encourage good nutrition, exercise and attending regular prenatal appointments. This helps promote a healthy lifestyle, healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.