A Teaching Practice

Sudbury Community Midwifery Practice is also a teaching practice. Through our affiliation with the Midwifery Education Programme we have midwifery students at every level working in our practice during the calendar year.

Clients are important teachers for student midwives and ourselves. We very much appreciate clients’ support of midwifery education. Ensuring that our quality of care is enhanced by the presence of student midwives is part of our commitment to both our clients and our students.

Student midwives accompany midwives and provide care appropriate to their level of education with the client’s permission. A student midwife develops a relationship with a client over a number of visits. We encourage clients to be teachers of students by giving them and us feedback at any time. It is important to us that clients talk with us about the presence of students and especially to raise any concerns, as midwifery education is an important part of our practice.

“Hands on” experience is essential in learning to be a midwife and we invite your participation.

Advantages of having students as part of your team

  • Clients often develop special relationships with their students.
  • A student at your birth often means an even more helpful and supporting environment – an extra pair of hands can be very nice
  • By having a student you give back to the midwifery community ensuring that more women will have the option of midwifery in the future
  • Through your feedback, students learn to be better midwives