Sudbury Midwives is a committed teaching practice for Midwifery students enrolled within the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University.  We will often have a student following a team of midwives who may be in any year of the program.

Your midwives will always ask for your consent before have a student involved in your care. We do believe that students benefit the most from hands on care, these experiences helps them grow into confident and competent midwives. Our students are often here for months at a time, allowing you to develop a relationship with them, as well as your midwives.

Students will accompany midwives and provide care appropriate to their level of education. Please do not hesitate to express any concerns you may have with a student involved with your care!

Benefits of Having a Student

  • Clients often develop special relationships with their students.
  • A student at your birth often means an even more helpful and supporting environment – an extra pair of hands can be very nice
  • By having a student you give back to the midwifery community ensuring that more women will have the option of midwifery in the future
  • Through your feedback, students learn to be better midwives

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